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Full access to Inspace for 14 days. Bring through projects and present in VR!
Free 14 day trial,
no credit card needed
Full Licence
For individuals and small teams to create beautiful client experiences online and in VR.
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Start turning your 3D models into VR experiences today! No need to learn how to remodel. Simply use the full range of Inspace features to start running efficient internal design reviews and powerful client presentations.

Inspect BIM Object
Solar Analysis
Presentation Mode
360 Panorama and Camera Capture
Annotation and Mark Ups to PDF
Dollhouse View
Section Tool
Layers and Construction Phases

File Formats Supported

Plugins: Revit, Sketch Up
File Compatible: Rhino, ArchiCAD, Vectorworks, MicroStationFile Type Support: FBX, OBJ, IFC

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Dieppe Design

"Presenting our concepts to clients in VR really elevates their engagement and makes them "wow!" Placing them in the design at scale allows them to give the team useful feedback much earlier in the process, meaning less rework for us and a happier client throughout the journey."

Ed Dieppe

Metropoint Group Architects

"Providing our designs in VR so that it's at an accurate scale helps builders to gain confidence about the space and its cost. Inspace allows us to generate the design quickly into VR, delivering a reliable visualisation on-demand for builders, client and our team."

Yiou Tan


I don't have a VR headset! Can I still use Inspace?

Absolutely! Inspace is both a desktop and VR platform, meaning all features in VR can be accessed on desktop by navigating with the keyboard and mouse.

What 3D modeling software do you support?

Inspace plugins directly to Revit and SketchUp.
Users of ArchiCAD, Rhino, Vectorworks, Microstation can also export out FBX, OJB or IFC files which can be drag and dropped into Inspace.

Why don't you offer a one time payment licence?

A subscription service allows us to continually adapt to changing software and hardware requirements and update our feature set based on your feedback. Basically it let's us make sure that you always have the best version of Inspace!