As of today, River Fox support has been dropped. This change will require anyone still using River Fox to upgrade to use Inspace.

If you try to log into River Fox today, you will encounter an error, that is because all the legacy systems that were in place to support both Inspace and River Fox simultaneously, have been removed.

Why we made this decision

Now that the development team no longer have to maintain two separate systems, we can focus our efforts into bringing you more features and improvements in Inspace.

The new app see's the addition of various improvements, and our own proprietary format that allows us to help craft amazing experiences, across an even vaster range of devices/platforms.

we see no reason for anyone to stay using River Fox, you're just missing out!

Get started with Inspace

To download Inspace, simply login to the website (, select `Downloads` and then click 'Get the Inspace App'.