We’re pleased to announce that the latest release of River Fox, 2019.3, is ready and available via update next time you launch the app. For this release we’ve focused on revamping our Annotation Tool for enhanced practicality, and have unveiled our brand new 360 Photo Capturing Tool.

Brand New Annotation Tool

We've completely revamped the way our Annotation Tool works:

  • We have improved on the process of adding annotations allowing you to attach an image, title and/or description to provide additional context.
  • These new changes come with some minor improvements to the annotation tools UI, giving it a fresh, yet familiar look.
  • The content of an annotation is no longer displayed in the 3D scene, instead, a simple visual marker is placed that indicates there is a note there, clicking it will then provide details on the note. This makes the 3D environment much tidier, while still maintaining all the information around the annotations.
  • We have improved the annotation editing experience, so if you incorrectly place the note, capture the wrong image or mistype the description, you can easily correct. Simply hover the annotation in the list and hit the edit icon. Use the 'Re Place Annotation' button to re-position where it sits in the scene, or simply edit the content and hit confirm once you're happy.
  • Annotations can be exported to an offline PDF document via the 'Export PDF' button (desktop only). It is paginated per annotation in a River Fox project; the template of the PDF export is optimised for readability and printing.
  • The PDF Export preview allows you to deselect certain pages from export (Via the '-' symbol on the top of each page), without having to remove the annotation itself, allowing for more contextual documents to be generated. Unchecking 'Show Selected Pages' will hide any pages you want excluded from the export, so you can get an accurate preview. Checking it again will reveal pages so you can add them back if needed.

360 Photo Capturing Tool

We're excited to unveil a brand new tool in River Fox which allows you to capture full photosphere images while roaming freely within your models:

  • Hit the "CAPTURE 360" button to take a photosphere in the exact spot you're standing (give it 1-2 seconds to capture).
  • Photos taken accumulate from left to right in the UI, which is the process of assembling a slideshow of panoramic photos to publish/export as a single experience when ready.
  • Each photo thumbnail has 3 buttons (bottom-left: save the photo to disk, bottom-right: delete this photo in the sequence, top-right: jump to the location).
  • When you're ready to upload your panoramic slideshow to the cloud, hit the "SAVE WEB LINK" button; once successful, you will be prompted with your unique web URL.
  • To start over, and remove all photos, hit the "REMOVE ALL" button.
  • To export a panoramic slideshow to disk for offline storage, hit the "EXPORT TO DISK" button; this will generate a JSON file which you can upload to our web-player later at:
  • To password-protect your public web links, make sure you set the "Web Access Level" to "Private"; this will prompt you for your login details first before your photo content is loaded on the page.
  • To view all panoramic slideshows you've uploaded to the cloud under your account, click "MANAGE WEB LINKS"; from there you can visit, copy, or delete your web-hosted 360 media.


  • If you do not have an active subscription to River Fox, your dedicated web links for uploaded slideshows will expire in approx. 48 hours.
  • Panoramic slideshows are currently intended to be generated on a case-by-case basis, and are not permanently stored alongside a project; if you wish to retain an experience indefinitely, we recommend you save it to disk.

Once you've opened your dedicated web link for a panoramic slideshow experience, the controls are as follows:

  • The bottom-left arrow controls are for navigating each photo in the sequence.
  • To log out from a private-access link, use the "Log out" button in the top-left corner (sessions automatically expire after 15 minutes).
  • To toggle VR mode, use the bottom-right button with the headset icon.
  • To toggle fullscreen mode on desktop, use the bottom-right button beside the VR toggler.
  • On mobile, the bottom-right controls are slightly different, and allow for: toggling between "look" mode and "touch/swipe" mode, and toggling VR mode.
  • When in VR mode on mobile, you can tap the screen (or tap the button on your mobile headset) to navigate between photos.

Other Changes

Alongside our major additions exist a number of smaller niceties:

  • Solar analysis fixes from Revit imports to ensure greater accuracy (conversion from radians to degrees for lat/lng now consistent).
  • Visual enhancements to the environment and sky.
  • Various fixes to minor optical glitches and UI responsiveness.

River Fox 2019.3 will be available to download next time you launch the app. We're eager to hear your thoughts, please send any feedback or support requests to

Happy VR'ing!