We get it. It's a pretty bold statement to say VR will eliminate hours needed to prepare sketches, print off floor sheets and produce renders and fly-throughs but we've seen first hand that the understanding of space in VR is innate no matter how well you can visualize floor sheets. We get it though- presenting to clients without preparing all those documents seems like a pretty blasé move and totally understandable if you’re feeling a tiny bit nervous about making sure that your first VR client meeting runs smoothly. 

On our end, we are constantly designing and redesigning River Fox to make adoption as easy and as natural as possible but there are still a few things you can do to make sure your client has the best VR experience possible.

So we’ve put together simple to remember 4 step guide to help you execute that sleek presentation to wow your clients and get them to understand design.

1. Establish trust- ask if they’ve been in VR before.

Start the conversation by asking if they've ever been in VR before or if they play any video games. This will let you gauge how confident they'll be with the controls and gives you an idea of how much guidance you'll need to give. It opens up  the conversation so they have the space to ask any questions or tell you about their VR stories.

Let them know the steps you’ll be taking them through so they know what to expect. By doing this you're creating trust by letting the client know that you are aware of their comfort.

2. Demonstrate the correct way to hold the controllers.

Prior to strapping them in, it's always good practice to show your clients the hand controllers and the headset they'll be using. 

Demonstrate the correct controller grips and finger placement.

People will surprise you with the myriad of  different ways they think the controllers are held and it will be much harder to get instructions across if they’ve already got the headset on. Some people temporarily freeze up so you want to avoid situations where you have to grab their hand and wrangle a controller to sit properly in their grip.

So before you give clients the headset, make sure to show them the controller first and demonstrate how to hold them. Show them which buttons and triggers sit under which finger and what they'll expect to use once they’re inside.

Practice holding the controllers before putting on the headset so they can still see their hands.

Get your client to practice pressing the triggers and pushing the joystick and affirm each interaction: "Great, your thumbs sit here” and “Yes, that’s the trigger button. You hold that down, aim and release to move around in scene.

3. Help them adjust the headset so that its comfortable and clear.

Once the client is confident with the controllers, you can move on to the headset. Show them all the straps and dials and if you are using a Vive or an Oculus and show them the adjustment dials for focal distance.  Next get them to place the headset over their eyes comfortably while you tighten in the straps, checking in to make sure that it is comfortable and not too loose.

Adjust the dial/straps on the headset so that it sits comfortably over the eyes.

Next ask them whether the scene is blurry. If it is, get them to either adjust the focal distance or wiggle the headset looser or tighter around their face until the picture becomes clear.

4. One controller at a time.

Hand them the controllers one at a time. With River Fox, it's best to hand them the left controller first so they can see the VR panel they'll be interacting with as well as practicing how to teleport (left trigger) and pivot (L-stick).  Once they've got those actions down, give them the right controller to start selecting elements (right trigger) and they'll be on their way.

Once their comfortable teleporting around with the left controller, give them the right controller and you're ready to start exploring.

If you've made sure to onboard them the correct way, it won't take long for them to get going and you can start walking them through the presentation.

Ready to get some projects in River Fox and starting showing your clients? Book a FREE DEMO with us to see your designs in VR.